We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy but can it be done without a gym membership? I say yes!

  1. PICK A DESTINATION – Find a hill to climb or a track to walk. Set the distance and complete. Continue to find new destinations to keep things interesting.
  2. MOVE TO THE MUSIC – Create a playlist and while the music is playing work out with some simple exercises.
  3. SKIP – Skipping is a great cardio workout without the use of expensive equipment. Bring back those childhood days!
  4. WINDOW SHOP – Yes, really! Get your mind off the exercise and fill your eyes with pretty things up and down the High Street.
  5. FRIENDLY COMPETITION –  Get into the team spirit and join a club sport. Amazing way to make new friends too.
  6. HIGH-SPEED CLEANING – This two in one combination is a winner, get your housework done while working out. Just keep that heart rate up.
  7. SET A GOAL – A full or half marathon or even a 5 or 10km race date is great motivation to get out and run.
  8. MAKE IT SOCIAL – Start walking regularly with friends, it is a fun way to catch up and burn some calories too!
  9. YOUTUBE – Workout with a fitness blogger and let them set the pace.
  10. BEAT YOUR PERSONAL BEST – Count those steps and out step yesterday! It is surprising how they can quickly add up and you will always want to take the stairs!