S&J 800
A heart-breaking goodbye

April has been filled with sadness for me as I said goodbye to two of my best friends and work mates. Old age and cancer took its toll but the memories of the fun we had will last my whole life. Shirley (pictured left) was there with me right from the start, making goodbye so much harder and naturally she was Miss cool, calm and collected on the dog trial course, winning several times with her best score 96.5/100 on the zig zag. James (pictured right) was the dog that taught me the most. His big personality and love for the job never diminished – I was really just there to open the gates and if I gave him the chance he probably would have mastered that too.

Missing them more than ever – starting the day without their smiling faces with ears pricked up and wagging tails is proving more difficult than I imagined. Gone but never forgotten.