Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30 (ESV). Chapter 31 of Proverbs is written by King Lemuel and is credited as being advice from his mother. Who is King Lemuel? Proverbs 31 is the only place we find any record of King Lemuel giving reason to the view that he is King Solomon who is the author of the book of Proverbs and who’s mother we know as Bathsheba. This is the traditional Jewish viewpoint and the one held by many theologians today.

Despite any hesitations of the authorship of this proverb, the lesson we can learn is a valuable one. Our verse today is the closing lines of a long description of a virtuous woman. Instructions from a mother to her son on what is to be valued and sort after in a woman. Pay attention ladies this is what the good guys are looking for! We will not be focusing on all the verses now but I encourage you to read and study them for yourselves.

Charm is deceptive, its intent is to persuade and manipulate. A tactic we as women can often use to assert power and get our own way. Subconsciously we can do this in the way we dress and interact, we need to question the motives we have for the way we act and dress. For example, if a woman dresses in a revealing way she may catch the attention of a man but the question is will he respect her for it? Dressing with modestly does not mean no style or personality, we just need to be responsible how we go about it. Fashion is fun but as Christians, our greater responsibility is to represent our God, not the world.

Beauty is vain, again we need to question where our focus is. On ourselves or on our God? Appealing to the world is not our call. We are called to be different from the world to show the difference that God makes in the lives of his people. If a Christian and a non-Christian act the same, where then is the testimony to the work of Christ? Let’s encourage one another towards being more like Christ with less focus on ourselves. To reflect His beauty that lasts forever rather than our own which fades.

Women who fear the Lord, who submit to His will for them, will be praised. Getting God’s approval should be our goal. His way offers the very best kind of life we can have. He offers love, security, hope and purpose. He also gives us the choice to accept it or not.

Stay beautiful in Christ’s eyes.