This post is the second post in our series on creating a capsule wardrobe. You can read the first post here.

Having a wardrobe of things you need and use is one thing but it is quite another to have them look good on as well. Today we want to discuss two style rules that will have the biggest effect on any wardrobe – colour & style.

Firstly, colour. Studies have shown that colour is one of the first things people notice about someone and we may not have even realised we have. It is noticeable and obvious when we get it terribly wrong and a new level of sparkle is reached when we get it right. Sparkle as I like to call it; can be achieved when we find and use colours that complement our skin tone.

Best advice – book an appointment with a professional colour consultant. After all, colour is detailed, it is all about specific hues, clarity and undertones that make a colour match sparkle! A professional colour consultant will give you the tools you need to get this right. My colour swatch is always in my handbag and although I don’t need to pull it out before every purchase, it helps guide my eye back into my colour range if I become unsure.

A good knowledge of your personal colours is essential to building a capsule wardrobe. By adding your best colours as your basic pieces will build a good foundation to a very usable wardrobe. When I choose what clothes to wear, I am choosing a light, a dark and an accent colour from my colours. It really does simplify putting a look together!

Style or another way of explaining this one is cut – the cut of the garment. We most likely have all heard of the different way to describe someone’s shape… Hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, oval and diamond. And yes, we might not be the one we want to be but learning the rules also means you know how to break them as well. It is all about knowing what needs to be enhanced and what needs to be hidden and then use it to your best advantage.

A style consultant can make some measurements and give a detailed report of your shape which can be very helpful – but not for the fainthearted. I have now become an expert in all my flaws and imperfections. But in saying that she also armed me with a very helpful book on all the styles of garments that look great for my shape as well as the ones to avoid!

A few things to do this week…

  • Find out what your best colours are (Get your colours done – it is such a good personal investment!)
  • With a little help from Google and a tape measure find out what shape you are and hunt for some styles that suit that type.