The Edit stage is all about using the information we gained from the work we did earlier with dress codes, style and colour. We know what we need in our wardrobes and how often we wear them, now we need to edit that information down to a collection of complete outfits that complement each occasion we dress for.

I start with my dress code list with my most used dress code at the top right down to my least used dress code at the bottom. By focusing on my most used dress codes first I can choose some key pieces that will become my most used garments. If I am at work for 5 days a week my autumn work wardrobe gets used 60 times in one season, I need to choose a collection of coordinating pieces that can create about 5 different work outfits. I say about because this part is completely up to you – how often do you want to repeat an outfit? I prefer to use pieces frequently and replace them often. The idea is to use items as many times as possible rather than collecting items you will only use once or twice.

As a guide, I like to get my capsule wardrobe down to 20-30 seasonal pieces. This doesn’t sound very many when I write it down but it is surprising how far it goes. Cut and paste, tear from magazines, create boards on Pinterest… whatever it takes to decide on what your wardrobe needs to create the look you want to achieve. Choose your best colours and create your most flattering silhouette by using the right style and cut for your shape.  Think of the complete look, right down to shoes, accessories, lingerie – just as if you were getting dressed. I only focus on the current or upcoming season and redo this stage at the beginning of each season.

This edit should be based on your ideal capsule wardrobe and not to be based on making do with what you have got now. We will deal with transitioning your current wardrobe to your new capsule wardrobe next time.

To do this week:

  • Edit each dress code down to individual pieces that coordinate together creating a collection of outfits. Less is more!