The Detox stage is where we take what we have got and transform it into what we want. So far we have identified what we use (Part 1 – Dress Code), what we suit (Part 2 – Colour & Style), how many pieces and what they are (Part 3 – The Edit). Now we need to be ruthless, set all emotion aside and decide what stays and what goes. Until now we have been hypothetically planning our capsule wardrobe now we need to swing open those doors and draws and align the plan with reality.

I like to start with my favourite pieces of clothing because it makes this job so much more pleasant. I decide what dress code it belongs to, does it suit and fit me, is it in good condition (if not can it be repaired?) and finally find a place in the edited list for it to stay. Try to ignore any other hesitations you might have pressing on your mind like how much something cost or I should keep this because it is new. These reasons will stop you creating a strong capsule wardrobe.

It might become very obvious what you like buying when you have a pile of clothes that all fall into the same category. I love buying dresses and always end up with more than I really need. By having a well-edited list of your wardrobe needs it is one of the best ways to save money and always have something to wear. After the detox process has been completed, finding where your wardrobe is lacking becomes quite easy. Certain dress codes might be missing or incomplete leaving room to shop. But shop with purpose and always buy with your edit list in mind!

It may take a while to break old habits, but addressing one season at a time will make things manageable. If you are still having difficulty choosing what to keep, work back through each step until you get a clear picture in your mind of what works for you and your needs.