Homemade Honeycomb Ice Cream

This is one of the quickest Ice Cream recipes I have ever made – it is just so simple. Prep time is under 5 minutes, however, it will need about 12 hours to freeze. So the most difficult part of the recipe is being organised enough to know when you are going to need it 12 hours before you do.


3 Crunchie Bars (or something similar)
500ml Cream
1/2 Tin (200g) of Condensed Milk

Honey Comb Ice Cream Step 1Honey Comb Ice Cream Step 2

Step 1: Chop Crunchie Bars into small pieces.
Step 2: Pour cream and condensed milk into a bowl and lightly mix together.

Honey Comb Ice Cream Step 3Honey Comb Ice Cream Step 4

Step 3: Gently fold in Crunchie Bar pieces into Cream mixture.
Step 4: Pour mixture into a loaf tin or other freezable container. Freeze until set.