Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to liven up a room as well as giving it a lovely homely feel. Growing good quality flowers takes time and effort and buying them can get pricey, so how can we make them last as long as possible?

CUT STEMS ON AN ANGLE – By cutting stems at a 45º angle helps the stems soak up the water compared with cutting them straight across. This is because it increases the surface area of the cut.

REMOVE FOLIAGE BELOW THE WATER LINE – Leaves that are left soaking in the water begin to rot and provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which will deteriorate the flowers quickly.

FEED THEM – If you buy flowers they will often come with a small sachet of flower preservative which gets added to the water.

A homemade option is:
1 cup of water
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of bleach

3 tablespoons of lemonade can replace the lemon juice and the sugar.

The sugar provides the flowers with energy, the lemon stabilizes the colour as well as the ph levels and the bleach will keep the water clean.

AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR HEAT – Placing cut flowers in a sunny spot or near a heat source will cause the flowers to lose moisture and wilt.

REPLACE WATER REGULARLY – Keep things fresh by changing the water every two or three days. Don’t forget to add plant food to the fresh water. Lukewarm water is better than cold because the stems absorb it more easily.

Lastly, rearrange as necessary, removing any dead foliage or petals.