The Best Tomato Sauce

The taste of freshly made tomato sauce can not be compared with anything that could be purchased in a jar. It has such an intense flavour without any artificial additives. The recipe I am sharing today is one of my Mother’s and it has been a family favourite for years.

It requires 15 minutes of preparation and 1 hour to cook.


4.5kg Ripe Tomatoes
4 Large Onions
100g Sugar
100g Butter
2 Tablespoons of Salt
Black Pepper to taste

Slice tomatoes into halves and finely chop onions. Place all ingredients into a pot and boil for 1 hour. Blend sauce together until it reaches the consistency you want. For use as a Pasta Sauce, I keep blending to a minimum so as to keep a rustic texture.

The recipe freezes well for use in the winter months.